Since Schomp Automotive’s humble beginnings in 1941, the organization has grown and evolved by offering our clients best-in-class customer service and transparent purchase processes. Our adoption of progressive business practices and contemporary solutions have made Schomp Automotive the largest family-owned and operated dealership group in Colorado. Our organizational decisions have also allowed us to expand our dealership locations past Colorado’s borders into other states, and Schomp has sold vehicles throughout the country.

But we didn’t arrive here without innovation, risk and hard work. Our ONE® business model has undergone a number of evolutions and changes, culminating into a solid foundation for continued growth by increasing the transparency of sales and leasing transactions, thereby extending our clients' control throughout their car-buying journey. Our One Price. One Person. One Hour.® sales and service philosophy has earned praise from thought leaders in the automotive space as a necessary, customer-centric business practice that will help erode the negative sentiment towards car-buying and the dealership experience.



In 1993, Schomp was the first automotive group to develop and adopt the ONE PRICE℠ sales policy – a revolutionary, no-hassle approach to the car-buying experience. At the time, it was viewed in the industry as a somewhat controversial move. However, customers were thrilled that there was now a better way to buy a car, without bargaining and back-and-forth negotiations. The ONE PRICE℠ no-hassle practice evolved to focus on the customer service aspect of the business. It introduced an element of spending more time with customers to ensure they were buying the best vehicle that met their needs and budget. It focused on customer retention and satisfaction, eventually evolving into the ONE PRICE, ONE PROMISE, ONE CUSTOMER AT A TIME.® sales and service policy.


The success of the ONE PRICE, ONE PROMISE, ONE CUSTOMER AT A TIME.® sales and service policy led to more innovative solutions. We understood that more aspects of the car-buying process needed to be improved. A major pain point was the number of dealership employees with whom prospective car buyers interacted during a purchase. Traditionally, customers were shuffled around between multiple salesmen, followed by sales manager intervention, a pass-off to a finance manager, etc. We reduced the number of interactions to improve the overall experience, cut down on transaction times, and improve customer satisfaction. We implemented a new process to train our sales staff on all steps of the transaction process – from vehicle demonstration to the presentation of finance and insurance products. One highly-trained sales associate could now walk the customer through the entire transaction from start to finish, establishing the POWER OF ONE®policy that applied to all aspects of sales and leasing transactions.


Developing a brand identity for Schomp Automotive was a top priority, and it all started with the ONE® policy applying to different aspects of our sales and leasing transactions, and related services. We looked at all facets of the business that could be simplified to improve the customer experience. We believed that the ONE® policy and brand identity was a game-changing differentiator from other automotive groups in the automotive sector. With a new identity, we set out to revolutionize the car-buying experience by establishing trust with the consumer.


With a solid identity and an ambitious objective to improve the car-buying journey, we focused on the last pain point of the process: Long transaction times. Consumer feedback and OEM surveys demonstrated a glaring problem within the industry that was difficult to solve. The average automotive sales transaction took hours to complete. To address this problem, we empowered our Client Advisors with technologies that allowed a customer to finish a transaction within one hour of deciding on a vehicle and agreeing to terms and figures. We provided our Client Advisor the tools to print all legal paperwork quickly so that our customers finalized their deals in a timely fashion. After addressing the issues that caused car buyers the most dissatisfaction, we further refined our policy and brand to include the time-efficient nature in which we strived to complete transactions: One Price. One Person. One Hour.®

Simplification and transparency are in Schomp’s DNA, and we extend that simplification to our logos and designs. Schomp's logos and designs have changed through the years, but they have all shared the "ONE" policy and have come to reiterate our ONE PRICE. ONE PERSON. ONE HOUR.® brand promise.


In the modern advertising world, logos are designed to be sleek, streamlined, and simplistic. We have sought to evoke feelings of consumer trust, exclusivity and style with a contemporary logo that communicates the simplicity of doing business with Schomp. We created an easy-to-understand globally recognizable symbol, one that is relatable to our clientele. We redefined the car business with our innovative approach to allowing seamless sales and leasing transactions. Because these efforts have revolutionized the car-buying process, we have incorporated our CAR BUYING REDEFINED®. policy into our current logo.

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