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The 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Metris van lines are made for flexibility. There is simply no better vehicle for transporting up to twelve of your crew or 516.5 cubic feet of cargo through the urban jungle, the Rocky Mountains, and beyond.For maximum utility, the 2016 Sprinter Cargo and Passenger van line is your ideal partner. Powered by four- or six-cylinder diesel engines and widely available all-wheel drive, these utility vehicles can achieve up to 28 highway MPG with long maintenance intervals and typical Mercedes-Benz levels of refinement.

The ultimate choice for business, the Sprinter Cargo van offers a choice of 144-inch, 170-inch, and 170-inch extended wheelbase configurations, with the latter offering an astounding 193.9 inches of interior cargo length. Three roof heights are also at your disposal, ranging from standard (66.5-inch standing height) to super high (87.3-inch standing height). Starting at $32,495, the 2016 Sprinter Cargo Van has what it takes to tackle jobs of any size, any time, anywhere.

With the 2016 Sprinter Crew Van, mixing passengers and large cargo has never been easier. Two wheelbases (144 and 170 inches) and two roof heights (standard and high) are available, allowing for a total capacity of five passengers and up to 367.5 cubic feet of cargo space. For a business which needs to prioritize both passengers and cargo, there is simply no better option.

If passengers are your priority, the 2016 Sprinter Passenger Van comfortably seats up to 12 adults. Taller occupants will relish in a 75.5-inch interior standing height (high roof configuration), while precious cargo is secured with four full sets of LATCH anchors and two additional seatback tethers. With all seats in place, over 60 cubic feet of cargo space still remains, enough for ski and snowboard gear, luggage, or whatever it takes for a weekend in the mountains.

Retaining the Sprinter’s versatility with a smaller footprint, the 2016 Mercedes Metris mid-size van line offers 186 cubic feet of cargo space or seating for up to eight. With a best-in-class turning radius and garage-friendly footprint, the Metris accomplishes big tasks with enhanced visibility and maneuverability.

At its heart, the Metris van is powered by a 208-HP turbocharged four-cylinder engine and seven-speed automatic transmission. Boasting 258 lb-ft of torque, the powertrain has more than enough grunt to haul passengers or cargo anywhere within the Rocky Mountain region.

Keeping insurance costs down and productivity high, Mercedes-Benz’s suite of active safety features can be found on the Metris. Crosswind, attention, and lane-keeping assist systems and a load-adaptive electronic stability program work to protect your precious cargo.

Ownership of a 2016 Mercedes Metris or 2016 Sprinter Van is ideal for business thanks to dedicated sales and service advisors, expedited parts availability, and rapid service turnaround. Service intervals of up to 15,000 miles also ensure more time spent on the road.